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There is a petition to have the BBC publish Delia's unheard works. Go sign it!

The WikiDelia

The WikiDelia is my second study of the life and work of the pioneer of electronic music Delia Derbyshire.

If you don't know Delia's music already, you should first look at and Delia Derbyshire's Audiological Chronology. If you just want the music, try Audio.

This WikiDelia extends the Chronology by having a page for each piece, album, person with whom she worked, event she participated in and so on, as well as one for each of the 250+ tapes and 1000+ papers found in her attic after she died.

To make them easier to find, each page is in one or more "Categories", of which the main ones are listed on the left.

It's far from complete but some highlights are:

If you spot any errors, would like to help with it or have other questions, please contact

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