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As part of Unit Delta Plus,[1] Delia created music for the Brighton Festival held on the West Pier on 14th-30th April 1967 to exhibit works of art by staff and students of the Hornsey College of Art.

Billed in the programme as "LIGHT/SOUND WORKSHOP", Delia created the soundscapes for two exhibits: "Kinetic Arena" and "Kinetic Labyrinth" alongside “performances by Bruce Lacey and his robots, and Pink Floyd Sound”.[2]

The musics for the event, or the event itself are also collectively know as K4 or Kinetic four dimensional.[3]



From DD082814:

From tape label for DD201:


  • DD082346 A letter dated Dec 13th 1966 from Michael Leonard to Delia, confirming the event
  • DD082706 DD082729 A draft programme by Clive Latimer dated 10th November 1966.
  • DD082814 Delia's notes on the back of a concert flyer dated 13th March, of the pieces or makeups she was thinking of using for the festival


  • There may be a copy on the Attic Tapes at Manchester,[4] presumably DD179:"Extracts from Brighton Festival, Lively Arts".


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