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DD100159 is a sheet of Delia's handwritten notes for a piece called Bring Back, dated the 9th April 1968.


BRING BACK!  9.4.68

(1) Low note of tune of L.R.

(2) M/U:- leaving ¾" space before each attack on cutting, all-

(3) Tune done by cutting actual notes (except 1) __
    levela adjusted, as dubbed, for rhythm __

(4) Filtering :- 1 TC thru 'out'
    Echo mixture 4-5 [pure sound ≡ pure echo]

Version 1  with room echo (Rm.11)

V.      2  (speeded) + plate echo - E.d.3½
---------                           E.fs. 0,4,
                        loudened[?] with Gp.3 full _
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