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DD110130 is a the bottom half of a newspaper clipping from the Radio Times of December 30, 1965 for the broadcast of An ABC in Sound on January 7th 1966 at 10:25pm.[1]

The top half of the same page is DD110122.



Poems by Bob Cobbing
orchestrated and spoken by the author himself
in a producion with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Introduced by George MacBeth

Since the success of Ernst Jandl's reading at the Albert Hall last June considerable interest has been aroused in attempts to develop an art of pure sound. Bob Cobbin's word combinations form an alphabet of effects whose impact has been varied and underlined in tonight's programme by the use of radiophonic techniques including speeding up and slowing down, multiple recording, echo, and feed-back.


  1. It must be "pm" because it is followed by the nightly closedown at 11:30.
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