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Great Zoo is Delia's 1972[1] stereo version of her 1969 piece Great Zoos of the World. The melody and rhythmic structure are the same but the sounds have been reworked; for a comparison see the page for Great Zoos of the World.

The British Library's catalogue lists:[2]

    Title: Great Zoo
    Short title: Great Zoo/Derbyshire
    Author/composer: Derbyshire, Delia 1937-2001 (composer)


  • Broadcast on Radio 3 on 4th October 1973 as part of the programme The Space Between.[3][4]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7717: "The Space Between".[1]
  • Archived at the British Library's National Sound Archive Listening Department, FIND FORMAT: T634BW, track 4.[4]


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