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Delia's created music for two episodes of the programme The Long Polar Walk, of which two extracts were reused in the 1972 documentary On The Rim in Spitzbergen.[1].

I loved creating the score for the TV programme The Long Polar Walk, I had to get the feeling of trudging through snow. I worked all night on that one, until the cleaners came in. I remember using one of them as a guinea-pig on that track. I asked her how my music made her feel and she said, 'Oh really shivery!' I knew I'd succeeded.
   -- Delia in the Soundhouse interview

Dudley Simpson also created music in 1968 for "The Long Polar Walk: Wally Herbert expedition"[2] and 1968 is also the date given for The Long Polar Walk in James Percival's catalogue of Delia's works in which he also writes that the Attic Tapes only contain "component sounds for the now-lost The Long Polar Walk", apparently unaware of the copies in the Radiophonic Archive.[3]


  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6830: "The Long Polar Walk", broadcast on 22nd April 1968 at 8.30pm on BBC2, credited to Brian Hodgson.[4]
  • The BBC Sound Archive's tape TRW 6944: "The Long Polar Walk No. 2", credited to Delia with catalogue entry date October 1968, is missing.[5]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7067: "The Long Polar Walk No. 3", with catalogue entry date May 1969 and notes "Treatment of music TRW 6830, 6944 & 7067".[6]
  • "On The Rim in Spitzbergen" contains two extracts totalling 1'07",[1] broadcast on 8th September 1972 and in the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7463.[7]
  • Possibly on DD226: "Various Delia makeup raw materials & possibly The Long Polar Walk".[8]
  • Maybe on DD233: "D.D. Material 7 (Long Polar Walk?)".[9]


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