Angela Rodaway

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Angela Rodaway

Angela Rodaway was "an author, playwright and poet. In the 1960s, as a writer for the BBC's radio drama department, she collaborated frequently with the corporation's pioneering sound effects unit at the Radiophonic Workshop in north London, and introduced EEG heart and brain trace readings to their repertoire."[1]

Delia created a soundscape for her radio play Death of the Jelly Baby, broadcast twice on the Third Programme in 1964,[1] and The Flame in 1965. In 1970 they were friends and attended a Womens' Liberation rally in London together.[2]

Further info

  • There is a transcript of an interview with Angela in the book Writing Lives: conversations between women writers.[3]
  • There is a tape of a telephone interview with Angela in the library of the University of Bristol.[4]


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