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Delia created the Dance from Noah for the programme Noah produced by Dickon Reed for the BBC radio series Drama Workshop.[1]

Here's a dance from Noah, written by Delia Derbyshire for the BBC using Synthi equipment. Its mixture of gaiety and sadness make it irresistible for children to dance to.[2]

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated January 1971.[1]



Dance from Noah - Melody - Spectrogram.jpg


Dance from Noah - Popcorn - Spectrogram.jpg


Dance from Noah - Counterpoint - Spectrogram.jpg


Dance from Noah - Bass - Spectrogram.jpg


Dance from Noah - Rhythm - Spectrogram.jpg

The Experimental Dance Track also uses this rhythm and there is a partly-mixed tape made from the above, Noah's Dance basic rhythm.


Dance from Noah - Spectrogram.jpg


  • DD034: Sections of the Dance from “Noah”.
  • DD111: Dance from Noah makeup tracks
  • DD118: A shorter, slower version using two timbres and without the rhythm track.
  • DD122: Alternative versions using Dance from Noah material
  • DD262: A short track using the same rhythm
  • TRW 7336: Drama workshop: Noah



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