Delia Derbyshire's eightieth birthday special

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Delia Derbyshire's eightieth birthday special was a BBC Radio 6 programme presented by Stuart Maconie.[1] It contains new material from the Cavanagh interview with Delia and a chapter or two from each of the Inventions for Radio.

"Delia was an assistant at the Radiophonic Workshop from 1961 to 1973."


  • 00:00 Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO
  • 01:30 An epoch radio presenter: "The BBC Radiophonc Workshop was set up in 1958 to provide a service for radio and television, to provide special sounds ranging from science fiction to fantasy on the third programme. When sounds are shaped and organised into patterns, the result tends to be musical and if you use tape machines and electronic apparatus and the sounds are of electronic origin, they're almost[?] producing electronic music."
  • 01:58 Science and Health
  • 02:26 Cavanagh interview:
    • "Delia, what is a radiophonic sound?"
    • "Do you have a set number of basic sounds that you use?"
    • "And, how do you put all these together?"
  • 04:21 Door To Door
  • 04:42 Maconie speaking
  • 06:01 The Dreams: Running
  • 13:51 Cavanagh interview: "Oh, the radio, the radio, the radio. The radio was the most important thing in my life" ... "clogs"
  • 14:48 Delia's Resolve from ESL104
  • 14:52 Cavanagh interview: "I remember our physics teacher..:"
  • 15:55 The Dreams: Falling
  • 21:27 BBC adverts (!)
  • 22:14 Maconie
  • 22:29 Cavanagh interview: "I was quite a clever girl.." oxford & cambridge
  • 22:54 Way Out excerpt
  • 25:06 The Tomorrow's World interview
  • 26:46 Maconie introduces Amor "It was a huge influence on the famous electro-acoustic piece Mortuos Plango Vivos Voca(actually Voco) by the British composer Jonathan Harvey who Delia was at university with."[2]
  • 27:25 The Dreams: Falling
  • 40:00 More BBC adverts
  • 42:14 Cavanagh interview, Delia on lasciviousness and feminism
  • 43:25 Way Out fades into The Evenings of Certain Lives: Looks
  • 48:20 Cavanagh interview: after Delia left tehe BBC and worked as a radio operator
  • 49:45 The After Life: "Light! Everything is light"


  1. Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone: Delia Derbyshire eightieth birthday special], 6th May 2017.
  2. Jonathan Harvey's biography at says "Born in 1939, Jonathan Harvey was a major music scholar at St John’s College, Cambridge" while Delia was born in 1937 and was at Girton College, Cambridge but there's no evidence that they met.