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From CD:
On CD:<BR>
{{Spectrogram|Firebird - Spectrogram}}
{{Spectrogram|Firebird - Spectrogram}}

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In 1967 Delia is credited as the co-writer of the track Firebird with David Vorhaus and Brian Hodgson for the 1968 album An Electric Storm, though I gather that Delia actually wrote it s few years earlier and dug it out for the album.[1]

The second song recorded by White Noise.[2]


Co-writers: Delia and David Vorhaus Vocals: John Whitman[2] Backing vocals: Lisa Pollack[2]


The Performing Rights Society's list of works by Delia Ann Derbyshire has:

Writer(s): Derbyshire, Delia Ann; Vorhaus, David Glyn
Publisher: Island Music Ltd


2:43 on vinyl, 3:00 on CD.


On CD:
Firebird - Spectrogram.jpg


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