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  • A. H.: Delia's code name for one of her pieces; the full name is unknown so far. See DD161302
  • A. S. & I.: Delia's code name for her music Arabic Science and Industry
  • B & K: The Brüel and Kjaer Wobbulator
  • BG orb/g: Background
  • BH: Brian Hodgson or Broadcasting House, the BBC's main building
  • Binson: Binson were a manufacturer of amplifiers and echo effects units.
  • BTR/2: An EMI tape recorder used at the BBC from 1953, high quality (50-15000Hz), running at 15 or 7.5 ips[1]
  • CP: Delia's code name for Closed Planet
  • c.p.s.: Cycles Per Second, which is now called Hertz.
  • D.L.; Delia's code for David Lyttler[2]
  • EM: Delia's code name for her music Early Morning
  • E.T.: refers to the 'Equally Tempered' musical scale DD074508
  • f.b.: Feedback
  • F. Y. in T.: Delia's code name for the programme Francis Younghusband in Tibet
  • i.p.s.: inches per second
  • J.B.: Delia's code for John Baker
  • J.P.: Delia's code for John Parry[2]
  • Just: refers to the 'Just' tempered musical scale DD074508
  • K.U.: Keying Unit
  • Mean tone: refers to the 'Mean Tone' tempered musical scale DD074508
  • MOTO: Delia's abbreviation for Motosacoche
  • Motosacoche: A huge pair of synchronised tape recorders modified by the BBC to run at half speed of 15ips.
  • m/u: makeup. A makeup is a tape of individual sounds used to create a piece.
  • Muirhead: A Muirhead 783-A[3] square wave shaper[4]
  • Muirhead-Wigan: A Muirhead-Wigan D695A[3] high stability decade sine wave generator[4]
  • N.U.: Maybe "Not Used"? See DD083321, DD090137
  • OB: Outside Broadcast: a television or radio recording session held somewhere other than in a BBC studio.
  • O.T.: Delia's code name for her music to Oliver Twist[2]
  • P.A.: Public Address system: the amplifier and speakers used at an event for the benefit of the audience.
  • p/b: Playback? See DD094630
  • PEU: Portable Effects Unit, which removes low or high frequencies, or both
  • Pythag: refers to the Pythagorean tempered musical scale. See DD074508.
  • RCU: Response Control Unit[3]
  • Reflectograph 500: a semiprofessional mono tape recorder with variable speed from 3.75 to 7.5ips[1]
  • RGD: A 15 and 30 i.p.s. mono tape recorder.
  • RNR: Delia's code name for her music Radio Newsreel
  • R.W.: Delia's code for Richard Wortley[2]
  • S & H: Delia's code name for her music Science and Health
  • TD/7: Transcription Disc players, used to play the oversize records used by the BBC for internal distribution of works before they started using tape.[1]
  • TR90: An EMI tape recorder that replaced the BTR/2.[1]
  • TRW: BBC programme codes. See Category:TRW
  • Vortexion: Vortexion were a British manufacturer of high quality p.a. systems, mixers and later tape recorders, see Vortexion at


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