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In 2000, Jo Hutton interviewed Daphne Oram, Maddalena Fagandini and Delia for an article entitled Radiophonic Ladies, recorded on 24 February 2000 and published on Sonic Arts Network.


Among them were three women, Daphne Oram, Delia Derbyshire and Maddalena Fagandini who all worked under enormous pressure to meet deadlines, in an environment where the only rule was to satisfy the drama producer, with no guidelines as to how that was to be achieved.[1]

Delia Derbyshire holds the record for the longest tape loop which extended beyond the studio walls and down the corridor.[1]

Delia Derbyshire joined in 1963. She was trained in both music and mathematics, which she had read at Cambridge university. She came to the BBC as a trainee studio manager, and requested to spend her day off sitting in on sessions at the Workshop studio. Her style was not comic, brash or eerie, it was carefully structured, contemplative and very musical.[1]