Le Pont Mirabeau

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DD115738: Typesetter's proof of the score for Le Pont Mirabeau, with pencilled correction

Delia created Le Pont Mirabeau, which she calls Cubism Song, for "a 1968 Schools Radio programme about Cubism in the series "Art and Design".[1]

Delia's papers contain the complete typeset score for her musical setting of Apollinaire's poem of the same name, dated August 1968.[2] It consists of two verses with a chorus after each verse.

“it appears [to have been] written for a 1968 Schools Radio programme about Cubism in the series "Art and Design" [...] There is an off-air recording of most of this programme in the Manchester collection (DD263), and in Delia's realisation of Le Pont Mirabeau it's sung by White Noise vocalist John Whitman. The programme was written and narrated by Edward Lucie-Smith.”[1]


Score for Le Pont Mirabeau

Here is a new typesetting of Delia's proof copy of the score, following Delia's typographical indications exactly and including her correction to the professionally typeset version[3].



For the availability of the programme in which it was used, see Cubism.


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