Leopards from the Sea

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Delia is credited with music "Leopards from the Sea" for an episode "The Peninsular War" produced by Ken Shepherd for the BBC TV series Chronicle.

Its entry in the Radiophonic Database has the notes:

Reel returned from Delia Derbyshire.
TMS (Television Music Studio) tape dated 2/5/71
Sound Supervisor Adrian Stocks
T/G Operator Ray Williams
Box marked "Reel 1 of 2", title "Leopards from the Sea".
Idented orchestral recordings.

where "TMS (Television Music Studio)" seems to be the BBC Television Music Studio, Shepherds Bush, London, producing "title and incidental music for television programmes".[1]

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated December 1970, so the 2nd May 1971 might be the episode's broadcast date. Unfortunately, the records of Chronicle episode titles for 1971 are very partial and do not include this episode.


  • Broadcast on BBC2, maybe on the 2nd May 1971.[2]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7293.[2]