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* The original audio is unknown
* Unknown
* The following is a reconstruction of the piece from fragments of Delia's original manuscripts found in her papers, played on a cheesy electric piano. The intended tempo of the piece is unknown. For details of the reconstruction, see the page: [[Music to Undress to (score)]] {{Play|Music to Undress to}}

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Delia's papers contain two half sheets of manuscript paper with conventional notation for a piece called Music to Undress to.


Delia's score, typeset using Lilypond

Here is a reconstruction of Delia's score for Music to Undress to, made by combining DD155635 and DD104935. It consists of several thematic fragments, which appear to be waiting to be combined to create a complete piece. The correct speed of the piece is unknown.


  • DD155635: Manuscript "Music to Undress to" (theme and chords)
  • DD104935: Manuscript "Bass Cpt. to Undressing" (bass line)


  • Unknown