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Radio Newsreel was a news programme produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation between 1940 and 1988,[1] which had as title theme the pompous and military theme "Imperial Echoes" by Arnold Safroni.[2]

Delia's papers contain 20 sheets of her notes for the creation of a new Radio Newsreel signature tune for producer Harry F. Brown,[3] with work to start 26th July[4] 1963.[5] The work was commissioned in 1962.[3]

It is unclear whether the piece was created and, if so, whether it was used.

We can assume not because, when John Simpson became the new producer of Radio Newsreel in May 1968, "I was a producer now, in charge of entire programmes, including our ageing flagship Radio Newsreel with its delightfully bombastic theme music Imperial Echoes."[6]

In her papers, the piece is referred to as "RNR".





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