Radiophonic Workshop Television and Radio Commitments 1970

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Radiophonic Workshop Television and Radio Commitments 1970 is a typewritten document by Desmond Briscoe dated February 1971 which lists the programmes for which the BBC Radiophonic Workshop produced sounds in 1970.


Grading system

A.    Long and/or complex pieces, involving the interpretation of
      abstract concepts or original creative composition and using
      the most detailed and advanced techniques.

B.    Composition and arrangement of musical or non-musical sequences,
      requiring detailed construction and interpretation and using
      complex treatments.

C.    Straightforward, using fairly complex treatments, for background
      use, but not requiring very detailed construction or difficult

D.    Re-issue or very simple treatment, involving a minimum of
      creativity and interpretation.

For TV


                                - 1 -

   C         Wednesday Play - Angels are so few
   B         Mogul

   C         Out of the Unknown - Taste of Evil

   A         Take Three Girls
             Four modern electronic heavy rock numbers and cantata.

   C         Paul Temple - House of the Dead

   C         Thirty Minute Theatre - The Distinct Chill

   C         Law and Order

   D         The World and how we hear it

   D         The Last of the Mohicans

   D         The Battle of Tematangi - The Long Voyage out of War

   C         Paul Temple - Title music

   C         Home is where you hang your hat

   A         Rainbird

   B         Dr. Who and the Silurians - 7 episodes

   B         Dr. Who - The Carriers of Death - 7 episodes

   B         Dr. Who - and the Molebore - 7 episodes

   B         International

   C         Long Distance Piano Player

                                - 2 -

   B         Menace - Crack Up

   B         Dr. Who - Terror of the Autons - 4 episodes

   D         Menace - Something Cries Out

   B         Dr. Who - Pandora Machine - 6 episodes

   C         Foxtrot

   B         Dr. Who 1970 - Closing and second titles
             Re-cutting of the original to synchronise with graphics

   B         First Time Out
             Series signature tune

Arts Features

                         -  3  -

                       ARTS FEATURES
   C         Omnibus - Art in Prisons

   D         Review - Ronald Lloyd Ballet

   A         Pre-Bach

   C         Biography - Beethoven

   C         Out of this Spark

   B         Review - Ballard
             Electronic effects sequences for film

   C         Omnibus - Hogarth
             Non-musical film sequences.


                        -  4  -

   C         Going Going

   C         Exploration & Discovery

   B         Watch - Xerxes

   C         Watch - Apollo Eleven

   A         Watch - How the Whale got its throat
             Film track creation and 16mm. editing and laying.

   B         Look Out
             Signature Tune

General Features

                        - 5 -

                   GENERAL FEATURES

   C          Those who survived

   D          Michelmore in Canada

   D          Man Alive - U.S.A.

   C          Seeing Stars

   B          Chronicle - The Peninsular War

              Complete music track for the film, mainly based on
              existing music.

Light Entertainment

                               -  6  -

                          LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT
   C               The Old Comtemptable

   C               Lulu

   B               Braden's Week
                   Blue Danube on Telephones

   D               Bernard Braden
                   Adjusting Film Speed (tempophon)

   C               Braden's Week
                   Opening Sound


                         - 7 -

Grading                            TV BIRMINGHAM
-------                            -------------

   B          Farming
              Opening and Closing Music

                                   TV BRISTOL

   C          Look Stranger

                                   TV CARDIFF

   C          Twm Twpsyn

   A          BBC Wales TV. Signature Tune
              Arrangement of 12 bar folk song into 2' 45" piece.
              Also call sign.

                                   TV BELFAST

   B          N. Ireland TV. News

                                   TV PLYMOUTH

   B          Signature Tune for Spotlight South West

Documentary Programmes

                                   -  8  -

                               DOCUMENTARY PROGRAMMES

   A            Decimal Coinage
                Opening and Closing and Link music for TV series.

   A            Tuesday Documentary - Rudolf Hess
                Music written to sychronise with film sequences.

   A            I measured the skies
                Background music for film, based on Kepler's music.

Children's Programmes

                                -  9  -

                              CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMES

   D          If you were me

   C          Merry Go Round

   C          Basil Brush Show

   C          Edanzed

   C          Vision On

   A          The Greenwish Story
              Complete background music to synchronise with film

   A          Blue Peter
              Realisation of existing score

Open University

                             - 10 -

                           OPEN UNIVERSITY
   D          Linear Algebra

   A          Clouds of Aristophones
              Several Music Cues

   C          Open University - publicity programme

   C          Papillons
              Nightmare sequences for film

   D          Music Now - Moog

   B          Percy Grainger
              Realisation of short score

                                  SCIENCE FEATURES

   C          The Mind of Man


   D          Dr. Who Signature Tune


   D          White Noise Lands

For Radio