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There's loads to do on the wikidelia. Please offer to do one of the following, or make a donation to have me work on one.


  • Contact the person researching Rosemary Tonks by a way other than email

Writing the wikidelia


Document recovery

Papers to transcribe

Scores to typeset

The following pieces are only known from their scores, so typesetting one will resurrect an otherwise dead piece.

Audio to recover

BBC Radio programmes

BBC TV programmes

In libraries

From institutions

From Manchester



  • Get a digital copy of the Attic Tapes and the Ayres hoard.
  • Delia's music for Johnny's Jaunts published on cassette or from off-air recordings.

Audio Processing


System Administration

  • Web server: See if the Score mediawiki extension works when using mediawiki 1.18 to typeset score fragments.
  • Learn how to make automated edits using the Mediawiki API by modifying their example client code
  • Make a torrent of The Bagman
  • Remove the stupid "dangerous file" message when downloading a torrent


  2. TRW 6843: The World This Weekend: 10 Years of The Radiophonic Workshop.