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Delia produced at least four Egyptian-themed works in 1972, listed on the page [[Egypt]].
See [[Egypt#Tapes]].
These are the tapes for all of them.
* [[TRW 7529]]: "[[Egypt Series]]" dated January 1972, TX 4-6/72 [April-June 1972]
* [[TRW 7568]]: "Music of Africa - Tutankhamun's Trumpet" dated March 1972.
* [[DD058]]: 16mm film silent print of Tutankhamun Obelisk Erection
* [[DD078]]: (maybe) "Male drone: Used in Tutankhamun piece?"
* [[DD125]] may contain makeup material for this.
* [[DD160]]: "Egypt. Copy master Opening and Programme 1"
* [[DD161]]: "Tutankhamun's Egypt - New Cues"
* [[DD212]]: "Egypt title music etc"
* [[DD213]]: "Egypt - Trumpet Melange Speed Change Tape"
* [[DD214]]: "Egypt Hymns to the Nile"
* [[DD217]]: "Egypt Reel 3 master"
* [[DD247]]: "Tutankhamun's Trumpet sounds"
* [[DD252]]: "Tutankhamun's Trumpet."
* [[DD256]]: "Angels, see [[Egypt]]."

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Tutankhamun's Egypt tape label
Tutankhamun's silver trumpet
Tutankhamun's silver trumpet bell

Delia created music for the a 13-part[1] BBC documentary series Tutankhamun's Egypt written by Cyril Aldred, produced by Paul Johnstone and directed by Paul Jordan.[2]

It was broadcast on BBC2 every Sunday from April 2nd to June 25th 1972.[1]

As well as the title music, it seems from the Attic Tape titles that Delia also created incidental music for episodes of the series. This page is about the title music.

It's a full-on Delian trip... starting with trumpet calls from a 1939 recording of the silver trumpet found in Tutankhamun's burial chamber, it then enters the mesmerising desert territory Delia mapped out so memorably in Blue Veils and Golden Sands.[3]

Isolationist ambience some 25 years ahead of its time.[4]

Roger Lamb helped create some of the in-programme cues for the series.[5]


Her papers contain the cue sheets for twelve programmes.

Her notes on the back of each sheet are for something else, as they are dated June 22 '72[6]and Tutankhamun's Egypt was broadcast starting on 2nd April 1972.[7] See The back of Tutankhamun's Egypt cue sheets.


See Egypt#Tapes.


The source sound is from a 1939 BBC radio broadcast of King Tutankhamun's trumpets being played after more than 3000 years' silence.[8]


The Performing Right Society's list of works by Delia Ann Derbyshire has:

Title: Tutankhamun's Egypt
Artist(s): Derbyshire Delia Ann
Publisher: Unpublished
Creation date: 1 January 1984


Tutankhamun's Egypt - Spectrogram.jpg


There is also a book of the series by Cyril Aldred, published in 1972.


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