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Ways of Seeing end credits

Delia is credited with "Special Sound" for the fourth and final part of a BAFTA award-winning 1972 BBC series of programmes Ways of Seeing, produced and directed by Michael Dibb,[1][2] in which John Berger "analyses the images of advertising and publicity and shows how they relate to the tradition of oil painting - in moods, relationships and poses."[3]

The Performing Right Society's list of works by Delia Ann Derbyshire has:

Title: Ways Of Seeing
Writer(s): Derbyshire Delia Ann; Clarke Malcolm John
Publisher; BBC Music
Creation date: 8 March 1993

The first two minutes of episode 2[4] also have a radiophonic background[5] which sounds like two chords of an orchestral piece slowed down, maybe to a quarter of its original speed.

End credits

  • Special sound: Delia Derbyshire, BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Producer: Michael Dibb

Track list

  • 05:50-09:30 "Publicity impersonates painting" (uninspired slow monophonic synth solo, probably Malcolm Clarke, not Delia)
  • 09:53-10:31 "Publicity and oil painting use many of the same references" (similar piece for two voices)
  • 13:42-16:00 Perfume bottling factory rhythmic loop
  • 16:00-16:30 "The more monotonous the present, the more the imagination must seize upon the future" (ethereal chords similar to Amor Dei)
  • 16:42-17:45 The Dream of Later Tonight
  • 17:52-18:33 The Skin Dream
  • 19:03-20:18 The Dream of a Faraway Place



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