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Apologies is a scan of one of Delia's papers, a memo from Helen Rapp of the BBC, apologising for having played one of Delia's tapes at the wrong speed.

The date of the letter, 27th April 1967, coincides with Delia's music being played at the Brighton Festival from the 14th to the 30th.


From: Mrs. H. Rapp

Room No. &                    Tel.
Building:  8057 BH            Ext.:  7820     date: 27th April 1967


To:         Miss D. Derbyshire

   Dear Miss Derbyshire

        My sincere apologies. You must have suffered agonies
   listening to your music being played at the wrong speed.  It
   is entirely my fault for not asking in time what speed it was
   recorded at.  As it was on a small spool I just assumed .....
        Please forgive me
                            Yours sincerely

                                    Helen Rapp [signature]

                            (Helen Rapp)