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DD074801 is a letter dated 17.8.66 from Delia to BBC, asking permission to play Amor Dei at the Unit Delta Plus Concert of Electronic Music.

On the back is the BBC's scribbled reply: DD074812


From:  Delia Derbyshire, Radiophonic Workshop            17.8.66

Room No & Building  9, MV                   Telephone Extn: 277 (MV)

Subject: Permission to replay BBC programme material outside the BBC

To:      A.H.C.P. Ops (S)

     I am organising a non-profit-making concert of electronic
     music, to be given before an invited audience at a private
     theatre at Bagnor near Newbury on 10th September.

     I am seeking the BBC's permission to play as part of the
     concert a section of one of the four 'inventions for radio'
     originally broadcast on the Third Programme.  These pro-
     grammes consist of 'vox pop' speech recorded from life
     and edited by Barry Bermange, with a background of electronic
     music by myself.  No actors or musicians were involved.

     I believe there is precedent in that the second of the
     inventions, 'Amor Dei' has been replayed in a church, but
     I'm afraid I haven't any further details about this.

     I'd be very grateful indeed if you would advise me about this.