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DD082346 is a letter from Michael Leonard of the Hornsey College of Art, dated Dec 13th 1966, confirming the Brighton Festival.

On the back are some of Delia's mood notes.


[handwritten note by Delia:]
thurs. 9th Feb.

[Headed notepaper heading:]
                                           39, STANHOPE GARDENS
                                           HIGHGATE, LONDON N.6.

                                           Dec 13th 66

Dear Delia,

     Enclosed Clives current documentation on Brighton.
This is definitely now on.    -- Oh thanks by the way for the tape forwarded
through Clive Webster.

  Clive controls finance on the job through the college - and at present
we can only afford £50 or so towards tapes for the programme.  We are at
present canvassing for industrial support and if this comes through could then
pay more substantial fees.
 We would like at least a half hours electronic sound and if you think that
you or the group Delta could provide this we would appreciate your
assistance.   We anticipate that the end product will get a good coverage in
press and magazines and then have hopes of restaging the show later at the
I.C.A. or Tate Gallery.

  Electronic pieces would need to be structured more specifically to our
programme and pieces would be 3 to 10 minutes duration.   If you think
the matter over the easiest thing would be to contact Clive, to confirm
& then I can contact you re details.   yours sincerely