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DD112601 is a letter dated 19th March 1967 from Fred Willetts, saying she should receive Cunard in the Desert from Bennett Maxwell in the next few days.

It was located at the start of Delia's folder "Rorate Coeli" but has nothing to do with that (Rorate Coeli is from 1964).


                                  19th. March, 1967.
Dear Delia,
           You should receive CUNARD IN THE DESERT,
during the next few days from Bennett Maxwell.  He
thinks it might interest you, radiophonically.  I'd
like very much to do some work combining electronic
sound with words.  I don't know what you'll make of
this piece.  Initially i saw it only in terms of
words on paper.  If it were read aloud and interwoven
with sound I'd like it done with three voices.  A.
for:  "and thus resume."  B. for the comments. ie.
"dry ungovernable light." etc.  C. for the descriptive
sections. (This last to be almost identical to B.)

           Let me know if you like it.  Don't worry
if you don't.  I shall be pleased to hear from you.
I just thought I'd drop you this note to give you a
hint of what I'd like and to maybe make it easier fot
                My best wishes to you,

                      Yours sincerely,

                          Fred Willetts [signature]