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DD130959 is a memo dated 25th January 1971 from Joan Griffiths to Desmond Briscoe asking for Delia's or Brian's involvement in the music for the programme Paolozzi.


From:       Joan Griffiths                                    28 JAN 1971

Room No. &                           Tel.
Building:   403, 1 P.P.              Ext.: 2866      date: 25.1.71

Subject:    Paolozzi RV

To:         Desmond Briscoe

 Eduardo Paolozzi has agreed to take part in devising and
 broadcasting a radiovision programme on his work, to be
 broadcast in Autumn 1971, and recorded probably in April and
 May, completed at latest by June.

 He has said that the _White Noise_ Island disc in which
 Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson were involved is the sort
 of music that would be right for the programme.  Would it
 be possible for one of them to be involved at this planning
 stage?  No decisions have been made so far, and it might be
 that we would use the existing disc and nothing else - but
 we might want a special composition or series of frame change
 signals.  I'm sorry to be so vague, but I have only had one
 preliminary meeting with Paolozzi so far.  He's an artist of
 international repute - the Tate Gallery is to give him a
 special exhibition this Autumn.

 Many thanks.
                                      Joan [signature]

                                      Joan Griffiths