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DD145754 is a letter dated 3rd January 1972 from Jeffery Boswall to the Radiophonic Workshop about Wildlife Safari to the Argentine.


From:      Jeffery Boswall, Natural history Unit, Bristol   3rd January 1972
To:        Organiser, Radiophonic Workshop, Room 8 Maida Vale
Copy:      Robin Hellier, Film Editor, Bristol

     I have been back briefly in England from Argentina for about 10 days,
have tried to phone you a couple of times but unsuccessfully, and things
have been so desperately hectic - with piles of paperwork both at home and at
the office, Christmas and New Year, trying to view 12 hours of rushes and a whole
lot of other things that combined against me - that I find myself dictating this
over the phone to my secretary on Saturday evening!  Anyway, I am back at the end
of March - or certainly by 15th April at the very very latest, when we start on the
six months' work of editing all the material.

     I hope that Miss Derbyshire might possibly be free at about this time and that
she could take on the work.  The whole idea of using animal sounds radiophonically
appeals to me and I have one or two disks and tape recordings of early examples of
this from the United States and so on.  The whole thing interests me enormously,
and in any case I would love to have titles as good as those for the Great Zoos
series.  There should be no problem with the budget either for the artwork or for
the radiophonic music.  I am fortunate in having a film editor, Rodin Hellier,
who is particularly interested in title work and has had experience in supervising
rostrum camera work.

     I hope we can meet early in April and if at all possible we would like to
have the music by the middle of May or at the latest the very end of May.
Forgive me but I have little knowledge of how this kind of thing works and I just
hope that this is not an unreasonable timetable.  In South America, Robin Prytherch
is trying to record species specifically for this purpose, but we also have quite a
few other relevant sound recordings already in the library and on commercial disk.


                                dictated by Jeffery Boswall
                                and signed in his absence