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DD153803 is a page of Delia's handwritten notes for the creation of The Dreams.

There is a a high-resolution scan of this page in the Medialink library .


[column 1]

low blocks of S. in the S. modulated
   sine waves & wobbulator;
   filtered to even out intensities.
   low rate wobbulator swing
Also inharmonic chords.
Beriobashes - long, low,
Slow cross from one to the other: same freq. band.
All sounds outwardly static
  but for v.slow intensity
  vibrato (breathing rhythm), (4sec./c.)
  and inwardly moving,
  changing, by using wobbulator
  & also by changing filtering
  :. Audiobaton & PEUs.

Coloured silences: coloured screens.

Continuous sounds shaped into single
  notes for comment.

Sounds for phrase pre-echo: to be
  comparable with speech quality,
  and to come naturally out of
  continuous sounds.

Movement of sounds within static
  surface obtained by beats, wobbbulator,
  altering filtering & by several mobius
  loops running tog., faded in & out at

[column 2]

from slowed down sounds, inharmonic
 cymbal, bell, echo plate

Main technique for organising long
 continuous sounds: 3 mobius loops, v. long,
 with long fades. If necessary,
 work at double speed

`roof' over basic low sounds - high shafts of colour
      & cont, high dreamy sound.

dawn plain sound

words: colour, stained glass windows, sunlight,
               coloured dreams, clouds etc.

       being chased - along corridors, down stairs, across fields


breathing-heartbeat. pillow, sun

murmuring voices - long mixes, voices out of nothing