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DD154514 is the inside of the programme for the Unit Delta Plus Concert of Electronic Music, giving a list of the pieces performed during the concert.


CONCERT of ELECTRONIC MUSIC            ---                     UNIT

AMOR DEI                (15 minutes)               Delia Derbyshire

    Light projection - Hornsey College of Art
    (Recording and arrangement of voices by
    Barry Bermange by kind permission of the B.B.C.)

TARANTELLA              (5 minutes)                 Peter Zinovieff

MOOGIES BLOOGIES        (4 minutes)                Delia Derbyshire

    Lyric writer and voice - Anthony Newley
    Light projection - Hornsey College of Art

FRAGMENT                (5 minutes)                   Brian Hodgson

POT-POURRI              (5 minutes)                Delia Derbyshire


   There will be an interval lasting an hour during which buffet
   suppers will be served in the Barn. The licensed bar will
   also be open during the interval.


RANDOM TOGETHER I      (20 minutes) Delia Derbyshire
                                          & Peter Zinovieff

    Light projection in first and last movements --
    HOrnsey College of Art

AGNUS DEI (20 minutes) Peter Zinovieff

    Voice - Josceline Gaskell


   Exhibition of paintings by SOFKA

   Moving electro-magnetic sculpture by TAKIS kindly lent by
                    SIGNALS - LONDON


          The performance is by kind permission of

                     Mrs. C. A. Gollins.

    General Administrator     ...     ...     ...     David Gollins

    Secretary   ...    ...    ...    ...    ...    Stephanie Hasler