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In 1972, Delia provided music for four programmes about Egypt:

The musical relationship between all these works is unclear.


Delia produced at least four Egyptian-themed works in 1972. These are the tapes for all of them.

  • TRW 7529: "Egypt Series" dated January 1972, TX 4-6/72 [April-June 1972]
  • TRW 7568: "Music of Africa - Tutankhamun's Trumpet" dated March 1972.
  • DD058: 16mm film silent print of Tutankhamun Obelisk Erection
  • DD078: (maybe) "Male drone: Used in Tutankhamun piece?"
  • DD125 may contain makeup material for this.
  • DD160: "Egypt. Copy master Opening and Programme 1"
  • DD161: "Tutankhamun's Egypt - New Cues"
  • DD212: "Egypt title music etc"
  • DD213: "Egypt - Trumpet Melange Speed Change Tape"
  • DD214: "Egypt Hymns to the Nile"
  • DD217: "Egypt Reel 3 master"
  • DD237: "Scribes, Hieroglyphs"
  • DD238: Egypt material including a different treatment of the trumpet sound
  • DD247: "Tutankhamun's Trumpet sounds"
  • DD248: Material for programme 10: "Art and Artisans".
  • DD250: Master tape for Tutankhamun's Egypt, programme 2.
  • DD251: Flutey makeup tracks, probably for programme 10.
  • DD252: "Tutankhamun's Trumpet"
  • DD253: Makeup tracks for Tutankhamun's Trumpet
  • DD256: "Angels"