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Engineering Craft Studies title

Delia's created a 26-second title sequence for Engineering Craft Studies, a series of twenty 20-minute films by Sid Lomax and produced by Robin Gwyn, intended for 17-years olds, about heavy engineering, first broadcast on 4th October 1972 on BBC1.[1]

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated June 1972[1] and it is one of the last pieces that Delia made at the BBC.

The episodes of Engineering Craft Studies available on and to buy from all have the opening bars of the 1972 pop hit Popcorn, by Stan Free and his band Hot Butter,[2] as the title and closing music. This is not Delia's theme, which is in 3/2 time.[3]


0-6 secs: "Procession of gear wheels"

6 secs: Interlocking phrases begin (every 2 secs)

12 secs: Climax of zoom out "E.C.S."

15 secs: Beginning of 3 sec. dissolve

18 secs: Title established




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