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Delia is credited with sound for the BBC TV series First Time Out produced by Anne Head.[1]

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated April 1970[1] and the programme was broadcast in three episodes, all credited to Anne Head as director:[2]

  • 27 August 1971: "Programme written and performed by The Wherehouse La Mama London. Society at work on people - the processing and manipulation of a human life."
  • 3 September 1971: "Brain by John Abulafia, performed by Incubus Theatre. Five actors present the functions, actions and reactions of a brain. They use mime, song, group movement, dance and a variety of noises. A sixth actor, representing the outside world, involves himself with the brain."
  • 10th September 1971: "Woman of the Place by Peter Hulton, based on a Japanese story, performed by Freehold. A woman has lost her man and travels seeking him but finds only echoes of him. She looks back to their past happiness. The play is a study of grief and loss, a woman coming to terms with her memories. The text is a dialogue between the woman and a dramatic chorus, with a commentator who relates her sadness to the universal experience of pain."



  • Broadcast in August-September 1971 on BBC Two.[2]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7188.[1]


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