Here I Discovered Water

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Delia is credited with music for a programme Here I Discovered Water in the series Living Language, commissioned by producer Joan Griffiths of the Features, Art & Education department for BBC Radio 4.[1]

Its catalogue entry is dated December 1971.[1]

"Here I discovered water" is a quote from Laurie Lee's book Cider with Rosie:

“Here I discovered water — a very different element from the green crawling scum that stank in the garden tub. You could pump it in pure blue gulps out of the ground, you could swing on the pump handle and it came out sparkling like liquid sky. And it broke and ran and shone on the tiled floor, or quivered in a jug, or weighted your clothes with cold. You could drink it, draw with it, froth it with soap, swim beetles across it, or fly it in bubbles in the air. You could put your head in it, and open your eyes, and see the sides of the bucket buckle, and hear your caught breath roar, and work your mouth like a fish, and smell the lime from the ground.”


  • Broadcast on 10th and 17th Feb 1972.[1]
  • The BBC Sound Archive's tape TRW 7519 is missing.[1]


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