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In September 1966, Delia created "music tracks" for a radio programme "Johnny's Jaunt" produced by R. Pelletier.[1]

Johnny's Jaunt is a series of "brilliant travelogues" for radio in which the renowned zoologist Johnny Morris visits various countries around the world.

As an example, "Johnny's Jaunt in Mexico" was broadcast on 28th March 1968[2] and stephen170 writes: "I am fortunate to have recorded 24 of Johnny's Jaunts on reel to reel tape. The first ones I did were in 1971."[3]

From the BBC's tape catalogue notes:

(Johnny Morris). Music tracks and makeup followed by edited copy of programme

it appears that Delia's contribution was for one programme only in the series.[1] But which?!?


  • Broadcast between 1957 and 1976 on the BBC.[4]
  • Johnny's Jaunt in Mexico was broadcast on 28th March 1968 at 19:00 on BBC Radio 4.[2]
  • Johnny's Jaunt in Mexico was broadcast in Ottowa around 19th October 1968.[5]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6556.[1]
  • Colin Suter writes "I have Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of a cassette offering of Johnny's Jaunts, bought years ago from a company called CAM Audio Book Company. They contain Johnny Morris in: France, Germany, Sicily, Corsica, Finland, Yugoslavia, Japan, Maiaysia, Tahiti, New York, Mexico City and Argentina."[3]
  • Other people have recorded episodes of the series on tape.[3]


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