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Kaleidophon letterhead, 18th June 1969

A week after meeting David Vorhaus while giving a lecture at Morley College in London, Delia and Brian Hodgson moonlighted from the BBC to set up the Kaleidophon studio.[1]

It was at 56 Clarendon Road, London W.11 on 1st January 1968[2] and at 281-283 Camden High Street, London. N.W.1. from at least 15th February 1969[3] to 3rd September 1970.[4] Their phone number in Camden was GUL 6464.[5]

Kaleidophon produced two albums:

as well as

  • The Coloured Wall, an electronic sound-track for an exhibit of the same name by Mr. M. Leonard at the Association of Electrical Engineers Exhibition opening on the 26th March 1968

music and effects for theatrical productions:

and Delia and Brian[8] composed and realised:

Some Kaleidophon works to which Delia appears not to have contributed are:


  • DD134709: List of pieces
  • DD165316: Letter dated 31st March 1969 to John
  • DD165330: Letter dated 24th May 1969 from Delia to Dallas Arbiter Ltd. ordering a George Hayman drumkit
  • DD165251: Letter dated 8th June 1969 from Brian Hodgson to the producer of 'Moon Zero Two', Hammer Film Productions Ltd on Kaleidophon headed notepaper.


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