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Let Me Speak was a BBC TV series starring Malcolm Muggeridge, which ran from 1964 on.

Delia is credited with a tape for Let Me Speak II for a programme produced by Tony Smith and broadcast on the 18th July 1965.[1] The surviving tape of it, TRW 6336, is said to contain:

1 band of three chords, copy of version 1 (6153), treated with top cut, presence and echo

where TRW 6153 is the catalogue entry for a missing tape "Let Me Speak" created for producer Stanley Hyland and broadcast a week earlier, on the 11th July 1965.


  • Broadcast on BBC2 on 18th July 1965 at 10.35pm.[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6336.[1]


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