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Delia is credited with a BBC TV programme for Schools and Colleges[1] Look Out produced by John Prescott Thomas.[2]

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated April 1970[2] and the BBC Genome Project lists ten programmes:

  • More than meets the eye: Eyes and they see not ... But 'what things look like' is only part of their design; we have to look beneath surface appearances to discover how design decisions are made.
  • A man is 1.725 metres tall: Short, tall, fat, thin, right-handed, left-handed ... How do designers cope with making things to fit the needs of different people and how is the science of ergonomics changing the shapes around us?
  • Mind over matter equals shape?: Knife cuts paper wraps stone blunts knife... How do the materials and processes which are available to designers affect the nature and the form of the things around us - and our attitudes to them?
  • Putting on the Style: 'The bit the artist adds on'... or an integral part of an object's function? Styling communicates information and ideas; how do designers use it to express these things?
  • Designs on Your Time
  • Action-shaped: Hand-operated devices are extensions of the human body; what are a designer's priorities in meeting our needs for them at work, at play and in the home?
  • In-place: how do designers set about providing environments for different human activities?
  • Peoplesville
  • Routeways: The growth of travel has changed our environment and our way of life; what should our priorities be for the transport system and vehicles of the future?
  • Eyecatch: How do designers use non-verbal means to put across a message?



  • Broadcast from 22nd September 1970 to 25th March 1971 on BBC 1.[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7193.[2]


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