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Theatre programme
Cast list

With Unit Delta Plus she worked on Guy Woolfenden's score for Peter Hall's Royal Shakespeare Company production of Macbeth[1] at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon, with Paul Scofield as Macbeth, as part of their 108th season of plays by William Shakespeare, April to November 1967.

A telegram suggests that the opening night was the 15th August 1967.

Act One is about 1 hour, Act Two is about 80 minutes.[2]


  • Macbeth: Paul Scofield
  • Witches: Elizabeth Spriggs, Catherine Lacey, Clare Kelly
  • Duncan: Sebastian Shaw
  • Malcolm: Ian Richardson
  • Donalbain: Colin McCormack
  • Banquo: Brewster Mason


  • Directed by: Peter Hall
  • Designed by: Juhn Bury
  • Costumes: Ann Curtis
  • Assistant designer: Elizabeth Duffield
  • Music by: Guy Woolfenden and Unit Delta Plus Electronic Music
  • Lighting by: John Bradley
  • Fights arranged by: Donald Burton


  • DD084055: Cover of theatre programme
  • DD084409: Cast list
  • DD084142: Telegram "DB212 AP8" to Unit Delta Plus: "Best wishes from us all - Carol"
  • DD084220: Cover of Carols's telegram.
  • DD084312: Telegram "247/156", 15th August: "YTSYGA ETC ETC -PETER"
  • DD084246: Envelope of Peter's telegram.


  • DD040: Makeup materials
  • DD211: Master tape and makeup for witches' voices



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