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While at Kaleidophon, Delia created music for David Thompson's production of the play Medea which opened at the Greenwich Theatre on 14th April 1970.[1]


  • New translation and director: David Thompson
  • Designer: Roger Butlin
  • Costumes: Digby Howard
  • Music: Annette Battam
  • Stage manager: Malcolm Ranson


  • DD080520: Cover of the script
  • DD080548: Title page of the script
  • DD080600: First page of the script
  • DD080618: Newspaper article "Dominating Medea", reviewing the opening night, with credits and cast list
  • DD080633: Delia's notes: "Solo chorus 3'" and "Medea Chorus, 1' 22"
  • DD080740: Delia's notes: Dates and entry cues for her sounds
  • DD080757: Delia's handwritten notes for cues Q1 to Q11
  • DD080821: Delia's handwritten notes for cues 1 to 14, saying on which speakers they were to play, from which tapes and the tracks' durations

The originals and the rest of the script are at the John Rylands library.


  • DD038: "Medea 1 of 2"
  • DD039: "Medea 2 of 2"
  • DD125 may contain makeup material for this.
  • DD134: "First working tape" with a tam-tam sound and speech treated with plate echo
  • DD159: Makeup tracks


  1. The theatre opened on 21st October 1969, on 3rd September 1970, Kirsten Cubitt's article Dial a tune says that “Kaleidophon have done music and effects for the Greenwich Medea” and the article Dominating Medea gives the opening date as April 14th.