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1968 Scene From The Moon Clue Game

Delia created the theme music for BBC programme Moon Clue Game produced by Britt Allcroft and directed by Brian Hawkins.[1]

Its tape catalogue entry is dated April 1968 and the programme ran for 8 programmes broadcast from 10 July to 28 August 1968.[1]

Moon Clue Game was a "children's department production" [which] saw two celebrities and some children join Brian Cant in a race through space to reach the moon. All the members of each team were born under the same astrological sign. From write-ups in the Radio Times, it appears that the programme was divided into five rounds, a mixture of general knowledge and sketches, with the team winning the more rounds winning the contest."[1]


  • Broadcast from 10 July to 28 August 1968[1] at 16:45 on BBC1.[2]
  • The BBC Sound Archive tape TRW 6842 is missing.[3]


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