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Tape Library List - sample page TRW 6554
Tape Library List - sample entry TRW 7052

The Tape Library List is a catalogue of the Radiophonic Workshop tapes left at the BBC, similar to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - surviving work catalogue. Both contain the same minor errors and so must be derived from the same Radiophonic Database.[1]

It is more detailed than the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - surviving work catalogue, including the producer's name, the "entry date" which seems to be when a tape was issued to be able to start working on the music, its BBC cost year, the date, time and channel of its first broadcast as well as a free-form field for notes, usually including a list of the tapes' contents.

All its records referring to Delia's music have now been integrated into the WikiDelia, both in the page for each programme and in the Category:TRW summary of Delia's BBC pieces.



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