The Coloured Wall

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"Coloured Wall" on DD100824

In 1968 with Kaleidophon,[1] Delia made music for M. Leonard's exhibit The Coloured Wall at the Association of Electrical Engineers Exhibition[2], opening on the 26th March 1968.[3]

Delia's last sheet of notes outlines her plan for the composition of the soundtrack:[4]


"The electronic sound-track used for the exhibit 'The Coloured Wall' by Mr. M. Leonard remains entirely the property of Kaleidophon".[3]


  • DD100824: Folded sheet collecting the papers relevant to The Coloured Wall
  • DD100926: List of Kaleidophon's "current and recent commissions"
  • DD100945: Signed agreement between Kaleidophon and Mr M. Leonard for The Coloured Wall
  • DD101005: Unsigned carbon copy of DD100945
  • DD101032: Delia's handwritten notes for the event, "Press preview 26th, 2 p.m."
  • DD101110: Delia's handwritten notes, giving the sequence of moods and styles
  • DD101131: Delia's handwritten notes suggesting pieces to use
  • DD101200: Reverse of DD101131: Flyer for a David Bedford Ensemble concert on 20th March 1968


  • Unknown


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