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Delia appears to have created a new signature tune for a BBC programme The Daily Chronicle in 1966:

The Daily Chronicle, [...] reflects the face of the world, the state of our society [which] has altered since 1950. [...] We have, therefore, got the impression that our old signature tune has become rather old-fashioned, no longer up to date. [...] This new tune, which you will soon hear, has been composed by an English woman, Delia Derbyshire. [...] Fifteen years ago the world would have been astonished. This new melody is not played by instruments. It has been made by artificially produced tones in the Electronic Workshop of the BBC. [...] The world of 1966 is no longer the world of 1950.
   —undated Daily Chronicle transcript (WAC R97/9/1) from the BBC Written Archives Center,[1]

All other items from WAC R97/9/1 are dated May 1963.[2]

Strangely enough, the BBC Genome Project knows of no such programme, and only has passing mentions of the British newspaper of the same name.[3]