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Delia created "music effects" for a radio drama[1] The Man Who Collected Sounds by Douglas Cleverdon. He describes it as "A couple of song cycles set by George Newson to poems by Leonard Smith [... an] ambitious dramatic feature for radio. It is equally ambitious in its radiophonic exploitation of sounds and voices".[2]

The review article says "The hero, armed with the sounds of Good Government and Perfect Love, pursues pre-Raphaelite, mystical Avalon among the fascist politics of small-town California.", which is a strange coincidence with Delia's music for The Business of Good Government and her "Perfect Love" theme used in O Fat White Woman.

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated 1964 and it was broadcast on the 8th June 1966.[1]


  • Words by Leonard Smith
  • Music by George Newson
  • The Young Man: Denis Quilley
  • Paul Lincoln Demarest: Eric Shilling
  • Avalon: Dorothy Dorow
  • The Woman: Tucker McGuire
  • The Sheriff: Tommy Duggan
  • The Mayor: Stuart Nichol
  • Narrator: Allan McClelland
  • with: Walter Fitzgerald, Stephen Jack, Preston Lockwood, Elizabeth Proud, Betty Huntley-Wright
  • The Orchestra conducted by Graham Treacher
  • Harmonica played by Alfie Kahn
  • with additional music effects by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Produced by Douglas Cleverdon


  • Broadcast on Wednesday[3] at 8.55[2] and repeated on June 28 (of which year?)
  • Broadcast on BBC Radio's Third Programme on 8th June 1966,[1] which was indeed a Wednesday.
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6192: "The Man Who Collected Sounds"[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7065: "The Man Who Collected Sounds (for Germany), copy of TRW 6192"[4]
  • On Attic Tape DD063: "Newson piece"[5]


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