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Delia is credited with music for The Pool, a BBC radio programme produced by Bennett Maxwell.[1]

Friday 5 March 1965 21.50
by F. W.WILLETTS with 'Do I overdo it? Force too much upon him? Diminish his freedom too much by being so anxious? I try not to be, and then suddenly it happens. Fear or anger, or both.'
Special sound by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Produced by BENNETT MAXWELL[2]


  • Broadcast on 5th March 1965 at 21:50, repeated on 22nd March 1965 and 8th January 1966.[3]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6248: "TLO 68299. 2 reels: 1. Inserts; 2. Copy of Programme."[4]


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