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Unit Delta Plus logo
Unit Delta Plus letterhead
Unit Delta Plus studio in 1966
Peter Zinovieff's house
Peter Zinovieff's garden shed

In 1966, Delia and Brian Hodgson joined Peter Zinovieff to form Unit Delta Plus, an electronic music studio in Zinovieff's "garden shed by the river in Putney."[1]

Unit Delta Plus also delivered lectures about electronic music. After one at Morley College in London, David Vorhaus introduced himself to Derbyshire and Hodgson after the lecture.[2]

Delia can be seen on video[3] starting the computer to perform Peter Zinovieff's Partita for Unattended Computer at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 15th January 1968.[4] The first piece of the same concert was her own composition Pot Pourri.[4]

In 1967, after a troubled performance at the Royal College of Art, the unit disbanded.[5] Brian Hodgson says of this event:

“Unit Delta Plus had another lecture at the Royal College of Art, however “Peter had arranged a 'happening' [not a lecture] but didn’t tell Delia or I. I walked off the platform and sat in the audience at one point. And the next day, we went over [to Peter's house] and said we wanted to break up the partnership and he said he wanted to do it as well, so that was it.”[6]


Public performances


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