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DD145456: Delia's orange folder "TRW 7598: Wildlife Safari to the Argentine" containing her papers for it

Delia created the title music and sound for a BBC Network TV programme Wildlife Safari to the Argentine produced by Jeffery Boswall for BBC TV Bristol.[1]

It was shot from October 1971 to March 1972, edited April 1972 to October 1972 and transmitted October 1972 to December 1972,[2] while its tape's catalogue entry is dated May 1972.[1]

It is also referred to as "Wildlife Safari to Argentina" and "Wildlife Safari to Southern South America".

Delia seems to have been very pleased with the result, as in one of her pages of notes, she writes "Tell Roger to remind me to jump up and down with delight".[3]

Stefan Pstrowski seems to have helped out in a managerial role and Robin Prytherch prepared a tape for Delia with over 60 animal sounds, which they heard together in the afternoon of the 22nd May 1972.[4]



  • DD281: Label: "Rough RH[5] for Stefan"; Description: "Rhythm from animal noises"


The Performing Right Society's list of works by Delia Ann Derbyshire has:

Title: Wildlife Safari to the A
Writer(s): Derbyshire Delia Ann
Creation date: 20 July 1997


  • The BBC Sound Archive's tape TRW 7598 is missing.[1]
  • Delia's Attic Tape DD215 is labelled "Wildlife, Argentina".[6]

The film is mentioned twice on the net:


    The Audobon Wildlife Film lectures sponsored by the Baltimore Chapter of MOS
will consist of the following programs in 1981-1982:
    Apr. 23, Fri. - "Wildlife Safari to Argentina" - Jeffrey Boswall


"The BBC Natural History Unit at Bristol provided two excellent
films: the Oven-bird from 'Wildlife Safari to Argentina', and
'the Private life of the..."


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