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Delia worked on a short radio play[1] The Applicant by James Broom Lynne, produced for BBC Radio 3 by Christopher Holme.[2]

The play's author describes the play thus:

Man copes with fear in various ways, making light or dark of it according to his temperament. Computer-governed business, certain aspects of inherited wealth and privilege, the predicament of old age-these are all subjects guaranteed to anger and frighten.
   The world of big business with its sacred/profane cows, its use of psychological tools in staff selection and in the dissemination of its 'media' and goods, suggested the first of my three plays, The Applicant.[3]


  • Broadcast on 21st December 1967 at 8.50pm and 26th April 1968 on BBC Radio 3.[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6704.[2]


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