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In November 1966, Delia created a "Tonic Sol-fa" for the radio series Home This Afternoon produced by Rosemary Hart for the BBC Home Service.[1]

The Radio Times entry for the programme reads:[2]

BBC Home Service Basic, 14 November 1966 16.45
A magazine of interest to all, with older listeners specially in mind, including:
Turning Points: JOHN ELLISON talks to PETER SCOTT
Doh, Ray, Me ... : today is the centenary of the birth of John Curwen , who developed the Tonic Sol-fa notation to teach singing.


  • Broadcast on 14th November 1966 at 4.45pm on the Home Service.[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6572: "Home This Afternoon (Tonic Sol-fa)".[1]


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